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Why Healthy Minds for Business?

Because you want clarity and the ability to make informed decisions

One of the most soul-destroying aspects of running a business is the own goals. The self-inflicted inefficiencies and waste that can be avoided.

But in the daily effort to make a profit the internal workings of your firm can easily be forgotten.

You may be tempted to look for a technical solution to a certain issue. But if your firm is not ready to benefit from legal tech, you would be wasting your money and potentially create more irritants than you tried to remove.

Healthy Minds for Business is about uncovering how you do what you do. From everybody’s perspective. Everybody knows where their pain points and frustrations lie. They also know what works well already.

As human beings we are naturally very good at complicating things. And you and I will work on simplifying your operation to make it easier to manage and be more profitable.

The Legal Factory

A law firm is like a factory

Raw Materials Image

Raw Materials


  • Issue
  • Problem
  • Uncertainty
Production Image


Internal Processes

  • Research
  • Fact-Finding
  • Drafting
Finished Goods Image

Finished Goods

Final Outcome

  • Document
  • Decision
  • Resolution

Production issues – causes and consequences

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