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Emotional Weightlifting® for Lawyers

The legal profession is notoriously stressful. Time pressure, billing pressure, demanding clients, traumatic cases, and a tough company culture.  Add to this the other pressures of life that lawyers have, just like everybody else. Accidents, being burgled, illness, bereavement, relationship trouble, children causing concern

It is tempting to comfort eat, hit the alcohol hard, do drugs, gamble, have an affair – anything to relieve the stress and pain.

This is when you need Emotional Weightlifting® – an intensive and sensitive life improvement programme. Strictly confidential and non-judgmental.


I can help

Peter Abrahamsen - Emotional Weightlifter® to the Legal Profession

In my early thirties, I was ready to push the self-destruct button. But I took a physical and mental step back and instead went for the reset button and sought help for what turned out to be an undiagnosed depression that grew stronger over the 25 years I lived with it.

This single, crucial decision to reconsider and turn my life around has been my inspiration to help others be brave enough to try something different in their life or business.

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To put it simply Peter is fantastic! His friendly and calm approach instantly creates a stress-free atmosphere

This is creating huge benefits for my work and family life. Highly recommend reaching out to Peter!

Working with Peter has been worth every penny and minute. I'm definitely on the up and in a much better place

Peter is brilliant at reading between the lines of emotional state.

Peter is so easy to talk to and his surprisingly different approach was an eye opener.

The process: The 3 pillars of emotional weightlifting


You know how it feels but what causes the pain.

You dump all your thoughts and feelings on me, and we figure out how it is all related. We look at your immediate situation and your past. This is about finding trends and patterns and deciding what to deal with first


We go deep and confront the root causes.

We all have a back story. It goes right from childhood up to the present moment. Our back story is part of what shapes us, how we react to certain situation, the relationships we form, our behaviours, how we express ourselves. A past trauma, for example, will affect your current life, even if the trauma is in the distant past.


Learning to live the life you want

With your increased self-awareness you can spot the triggers and situations when “things go wrong”. Armed with the tools and techniques I teach you; you will be able to handle tricky situations and prove to yourself that you are in control of your life. This gives you the inner strength and confidence to tackle what life and work throws at you.

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Or you could do nothing

How you feel right now is only going to get worse if you do nothing. Your emotional pain and distress, and your physical discomfort will grow to dangerous levels. You may think this is just an extra busy period and everything is going to be OK soon. That is just an excuse, and an unhelpful way of dealing with the real issue. You may not know what the real issue is and that’s OK. Simply feeling knackered and down in the dumps is a clear signal to seek help. Suicidal thoughts won’t just go away on their own.


Instead, work with me

You may have tried dealing with the symptoms. But no amount of mindfulness, yoga, and breathing techniques seem to help for very long.

Those are good techniques. However, they do not treat the root causes. And this is where I come in.

Together we uncover where your issues come from. Could be work, could be something else. We will find out, get everything into perspective, and you will see the symptoms gradually reduce or go away completely. You will feel lighter and happier.

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