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Supply Shortages

When you do not have enough people, information, and systems your legal operation is in trouble.

People shortages come in the form of holidays, sick leave and difficulty recruiting the required types of people.

Information shortages happen when you withhold information that will help your colleagues do their job. When you refuse support and make yourself unavailable. When one person has all the knowledge and all the power, that person has become a major bottle neck and single point of failure.

External lead times can overrun and opposing counsel may not deliver on time – how do you manage that?

Chaos and frustration set in when you run out of office supplies, when subscriptions and software licenses have not been renewed or purchased.

RESULT: Excessive pressure, stress, anger, and toxicity. Creation of more bottle necks and human breakdowns

Loss of clients, loss of firm and personal reputation. Revolving door syndrome. Financial distress and your business is at risk.


Because you can measure supply shortages you can also manage them.

With your entire team, lawyers and support staff you can easily identify the supply shortages that affect your firm/department. You have all the skills available to you to find ways of preventing shortages. Use them, and speed up the process with external, neutral support.

Our team workshops and individual sessions ensure everybody is involved and able to share the responsibility of keeping your law firm going, also through difficult times.

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