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Reduce or get rid of your negative emotions in minutes...

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a quick, safe, and drugs free way of reducing or completely eliminating your fears and phobias. TFT can help you manage your anxieties and stress, and through TFT you can limit the negative emotions left over from past traumatic events.Does your stomach churn at the thought of making a speech or giving a presentation?

  • Do you always dread and perhaps mess up job interviews?
  • Does a fear or phobia control your life and stop you from going places and from doing things you like?
  • Does a relationship break-up still haunt you?
  • Is the anguish of the loss of a loved one making your life unbearable?
  • Have you lost your self confidence because someone important to you has made you believe that you are no good?
  • What about those persistent post traumatic nightmares?

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is listed as an evidence-based therapy for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), anxiety, phobias, and depression by SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) which is an agency under the US Department of Health and Human Services

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is completely different from traditional counselling

Traditional counselling involves several sessions during which you tell the counsellor or therapist about your problems at length and in great detail. Through the dialogue between you and the counsellor you should gradually arrive at insight and solutions.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) on the other hand, only requires you to think about your problem so that it becomes real and alive in your mind. As your TFT practitioner I only need to know very little about your problem and painful details you would rather not talk about I do not need to hear in order to help you.

TFT works on the basis that your thoughts have gone into a self-fulfilling negative loop which expresses itself as a fear or a phobia. For example: whilst intellectually you know that a tiny spider can't harm you some strong negative emotions still make you afraid of them, or you once had a scary moment in an enclosed place (e.g. stuck in a lift) and now you feel claustrophobic and won't go in a lift or on an aeroplane.

TFT breaks the negative thought patterns and leaves you able to think about spiders rationally or as one testimonial explains; jump in the water without fear of drowning.

TFT has been around for over 30 years and the treatment technique draws on the principles from Chinese medicine that problems can be relieved or cured by activating certain points on the body. In TFT you tap with your fingers certain points on your face, upper body and hands.

How a TFT session works

First in a TFT session I will ask you to concentrate and focus on the problem or part of the problem - you make the fear, phobia, trauma, anxiety, or urge come alive in your mind - and you tell me how bad it feels.

Then I will guide you through one or more tapping sequences. This simply means that you will tap certain points on your face, upper body, and hands using two fingers on your right or left hand. You will do the treatment on yourself under my guidance and there will be no physical contact between us. The tapping part of a TFT session literally takes only few minutes.

At the end of the tapping sequence you will tell me how strong your negative emotions are compared to when we started. You should feel relaxed and unable to bring up the strong negative emotions you first experienced.

TFT works in about 80% of the people treated and in most cases only one session is required. There are no side effects and if for some reason the treatment is not effective, you will never be worse off than before treatment started

If you suffer from fear of public speaking, fear of heights, claustrophobia or any other fear or phobia, TFT is well worth a try. If you are still fighting the effects of a broken down relationship, bereavement, and accident or any other traumatic event I can help you. Also if your life is full of anxiety, stress, urges and cravings, TFT can help you manage those situations.

Please contact me if you want to book a session or hear more about how TFT can help you.

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"I could always rely on Peter to ask a thought provoking question that stimulated my own reasoning and thought process. Coaching has been a very positive experience and I feel I am better equipped to manage my work environment and myself." LC