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Caused by shoddy work, corner cutting, and careless mistakes.

Rework is different from the normal peer/client review process which is designed to achieve an agreed quality end-product.

Lawyers are not known for a sloppy attitude to the work you do, but when pushed too hard and under too much pressure mistakes happen and sometimes corners are being cut.

This results in rework which eats into the already limited time available. Also, you can’t charge for poor work. Rework erodes the firm’s profits.

When you bounce unchecked, poor-quality work you have wasted time reviewing substandard work, time was wasted initially by doing the poor work, and now it has to be redone and reviewed again!

RESULT: Complete waste of money and time. And it is breaking down the people involved as stress and toxicity builds.

Loss of clients, loss of firm and personal reputation. Revolving door syndrome. Financial distress and your business is at risk.


Because you can measure rework you can also manage it.

This is not a one-off exercise but a new way of life. With the whole team, find the root causes and reduce or eliminate them.

Our team workshops and individual sessions ensure everybody is involved and able to share the responsibility of keeping your law firm going, also through difficult times.

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