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Food phobia

Jul 26, 2015

Food has the power to freak us out. Well, not really. It is the other way round. Many people attach meanings and emotions to food and in doing so food can become scary. Some avoid food for religious reasons, some avoid food because they don't like the taste, texture or smell or because they are allergic or intolerant. Others avoid certain foods because they have build up a picture of how scary and potentially harmful a particular food is to them. Others again avoid food because they have had a traumatic food experience in the past and now believe that this particular experience will always happen when eating this food. For example getting food poisoning or a having a fish bone stick in the throat.

A recent survey by UK restaurant chain Lock Fyne revealed the following top 10 of food phobias:

If you or someone you know wants to be cured of a food phobia or any other phobia please do not hesitate to contact me.

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