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Jul 5, 2015

This is a crucial step in your decision making process. You cannot make any changes to your life without first making decisions. So to make the best possible decision it is usually helpful to consider the merit of more than one potential solution.

In simple terms, you can:

  • Do something
  • Do something else
  • Do nothing

One option is typically the obvious and logical one and to make sure it is also the right one it should be sense checked against alternative ways of getting to your goal. This comparison of options could well identify things you have missed, or unearth new and better ideas. Doing nothing is always a great sense checker. Whilst doing nothing is more often than not the wrong solution, we can sometimes get so caught up in the moment that we embark on making changes just for the sake of it when doing nothing would have been a more appropriate alternative.

You now know that there are things you could do and action you could take. There might even be things you should do and action you should take. However, the big question is going to be: What will you do? and What action will you take?

This is about commitment and the next step in the 1-2-3-4 strategy for change provides a tool to help you decide what you will do and what action you will take.

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"I could always rely on Peter to ask a thought provoking question that stimulated my own reasoning and thought process. Coaching has been a very positive experience and I feel I am better equipped to manage my work environment and myself." LC