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Change 1 thing at a time

Jun 21, 2015

You may already know what that one thing is. On the other hand, you may have a number of things you want to change and find it difficult to choose which one to start with.

So many people enthusiastically attempt changing several things at the same time and end up disappointed, discouraged and exhausted. Nothing gets finished and there is more confusion than before. The result is a lot of work put into achieving very little or nothing at all.

Here is the trick: Choose just one thing to change and resist the temptation to throw in a few more while you are at it.

If you have a list of changes, you want to make to your life, prioritise the list and start with the change that is most important to you. The change that is most important to you is typically the one that your mind keeps returning to. The one you cannot get out of your head. Perhaps you keep moving on to another change you would also like to make because the first one seems scary to tackle and has significant implications for your future, but in reality, you are just delaying action to improve your life.

It does not matter if the top of your list is seeking help with an emotional problem, changing jobs, buying a house or learning to play the piano. If it is top of the list, you deal with it first.

The beauty of making one change at a time is that you can tell what it was that made your life better, more rewarding, more exciting etc. Change 10 things at the same time and you cannot tell which of them made the difference.

And finally, when you change one thing in your life, other things may fall into place as a result and therefore no longer require attention. Similarly, a change can trigger the need for other changes, so your list of changes always need reviewing.

Having chosen the one thing you want to change, you are ready for step 2…

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