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The depression lifted

Apr 18, 2015

A few days ago, I treated a client for depression using Thought Field Therapy. Within 15 minutes, his depression had lifted and as he said, “a great weight has come off my shoulders”. My client wants to share his story, but feels he is not ready yet to speak openly about his depression, so he has asked me to write about it on his behalf using my words rather than his own:

“Several months ago I began to notice that my mood had changed and that normal everyday tasks had become chores and that doing the simplest things required a huge effort. I am normally a happy and outgoing person, so my constant negative mood worried me. People around me had also noticed the change in me, but when they asked if something was wrong, I would just give the usual “I’m fine” answer.

I felt depressed and could not bring myself to talk to anybody about it, as I was quite embarrassed about the whole thing and did not know how to explain what was going on and why.

I still wanted to hide my problem from my nearest and dearest and when I saw Peter’s advert and read about Thought Field Therapy on his website, I decided to contact him and book a session.

At the beginning of the session, Peter asked a few questions to make sure we used the right tapping sequence, and then he asked me to focus on my negative thoughts and feel the depression. Whilst I did that Peter guided me through the tapping sequence.

Something amazing happened. A great weight came off my shoulders. I tried to think the same negative thoughts as before the treatment and now they just seemed irrelevant and certainly did not bring about the feelings of doom as they did before.

Life around me is still the same with the same joys, problems and issues and now I can again deal with all of this in my usual way.”

If you too feel emotionally under the weather, then get in touch.

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"I could always rely on Peter to ask a thought provoking question that stimulated my own reasoning and thought process. Coaching has been a very positive experience and I feel I am better equipped to manage my work environment and myself." LC