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Can you talk about it?

Jan 3, 2015

Talking is good, but if you can't there is another way...

UK media have latched on to mental health recently. BBC breakfast news have interviewed people on the benefits of talking about your mental health and emotional problems and we can read about NHS waiting times of up to three years to see a psychologist.

The idea is that the more we talk about our mental health the more acceptable it becomes to have mental and emotional issues and the stigma associated with mental health will gradually disappear.

Taking the plunge to talk about emotional issues with friends, family, colleagues, employers, therapists etc. is not easy and it is not easy either to be the one listening. You actually have to be quite strong to admit to being weak and once you open up about your problems the big question is always what kind of reaction you are going to get. The benefits of the talking depend a lot on the quality of the listening. Luckily, most people find that talking does them good.

If you find yourself too embarrassed to talk to your friends, family, and colleagues and if you are not keen on embarking on several sessions with a therapist going over the painful aspects of your life, I can offer an alternative - Thought Field Therapy.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) can help you deal effectively with negative emotions such as post traumatic stress, grief, anxiety, fears, and phobias.

Sessions are brief and you need only tell me the absolute minimum. As long as you focus your thoughts on the problem during the session, I can help you. In most cases you will only need one session to be free of your emotional problem.

Why not send me an email ( mailto:peter@better-lives.co.uk ) and learn more without obligation

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"I could always rely on Peter to ask a thought provoking question that stimulated my own reasoning and thought process. Coaching has been a very positive experience and I feel I am better equipped to manage my work environment and myself." LC