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Long Lead Times

You know the struggle and stress when your work takes longer than promised. Your legal team starts missing deadlines, targets and promises.

The typical signs: Over promising and under-delivering. Poor communication of expectations. Lack of clarity on internal and external processes and processing times. Missing or counterproductive processes.

RESULT: Excessive pressure, stress, workarounds, time wasted reprioritising, painful conversations with colleagues and clients

Loss of clients, loss of firm and personal reputation. Revolving door syndrome. Financial distress and your business is at risk


Because you can measure long lead times you can also manage them.

Why are we waiting? Your team of lawyers and support staff will tell you!

Those who are at the coal face know the issues and they look different from the managerial and partner position.

That is natural and normal. Both perspectives count and need to be merged into one agreed set of understanding and actions.

Everybody wins. Mentally and financially. Maybe you need a bit of tech? Maybe not? Always do the thinking first. Never skimp on that part of the process!

Our team workshops and individual sessions ensure everybody is involved and able to share the responsibility of keeping your law firm going, also through difficult times.

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