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People, systems and tech break down due to overworking and poor maintenance!

A poor physical and/or psychological working environment cause human breakdowns. When you expect people to work beyond their capacity for a sustained period of time, they will burnout and break down.

Skimp on maintenance of anything from computers and software to the company fridge and the offices or building in general and you will soon find breakdowns all over the place. This results in irritation, frustration and a huge repair bill.

Consider the cost of doing nothing. It is far greater than proper, regular maintenance.

There will be external factors beyond your control, but internally you have the power to prevent breakdowns.

RESULT: Costly sick leave and/or repair work, high risk of excessive and costly recruitment needs. Risk of reputation killing tribunals. Creation of more bottle necks.

Loss of clients, loss of firm and personal reputation. Revolving door syndrome. Financial distress and your business is at risk.


Because you can measure breakdowns you can also manage them.

Every breakdown has a reason. Record, eliminate, measure, sustain. Everybody and everything can break down. Therefore, your entire organisation must be involved in preventing breakdowns. Not just once. Always.

Our team workshops and individual sessions ensure everybody is involved and able to share the responsibility of keeping your law firm going, also through difficult times.

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