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You get those because some processes are fast and others are slow. Mix them together and some people will be overworked, and others left waiting for work to come through

You can see to-do lists getting longer and longer. Unanswered emails, frustrating phone calls harsh words exchanged to get things moving.

Cracking the whip and demanding more is not the answer. This is likely part of the reason you find your team in this situation in the first place.

Poor prioritisation and unrealistic expectations are also lurking.

Communication stops – deadly silence.

People go off sick, they break down under the pressure. Bottlenecks get worse.

Files go missing, the blame culture goes into overdrive.

RESULT: Loss of clients, loss of firm and personal reputation. Revolving door syndrome. Financial distress and your business is at risk.


Because you can measure bottlenecks you can also manage them.

Managing bottlenecks means you find solutions together with your team – all of them. Not just the lawyers.

This is not a one-off exercise but a new way of life. A technological solution may not necessarily be the answer.

Our team workshops and individual sessions ensure everybody is involved and able to share the responsibility of keeping your law firm going, also through difficult times.

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