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Emotional Weightlifter® for Lawyers

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The process: The 3 pillars of Emotional Weightlifting®


You know how it feels but what causes the pain.

You dump all your thoughts and feelings on me, and we figure out how it is all related. We look at your immediate situation and your past. This is about finding trends and patterns and deciding what to deal with first


We go deep and confront the root causes.

We all have a back story. It goes right from childhood up to the present moment. Our back story is part of what shapes us, how we react to certain situation, the relationships we form, our behaviours, how we express ourselves. A past trauma, for example, will affect your current life, even if the trauma is in the distant past.


Learning to live the life you want

With your increased self-awareness you can spot the triggers and situations when “things go wrong”. Armed with the tools and techniques I teach you; you will be able to handle tricky situations and prove to yourself that you are in control of your life. This gives you the inner strength and confidence to tackle what life and work throws at you.

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